Target Occupation Profiles (TOPS)

What are TOPs?
Target Occupational Profiles (TOPs) are one page reports that provide information about each of the 40 target occupations for the ITA program. The Partnership provides this information to case managers and ITA-eligible WIA customers to help them decide among different occupational training options. Each TOP contains information about the current and projected number of jobs in each occupation, as well as wages, job duties, educational and skills requirements, job titles, and largest employers. Each TOP also contains a link to Chicagoland WIA Training, a public website where individuals can search for WIA-certified training providers in Cook County.

How should the TOPs be used?
TOPs should be used by case managers and ITA-eligible WIA customers to select a program on which to spend an ITA. The list of 40 occupations reflect the priorities of The Partnership’s WIA ITA program and do not represent a complete list of important or high demand occupations for the County.

How often will the TOPs be updated?
The TOPs will be updated at least annually. However, these are "first drafts" and we expect to improve them with the continued help and feedback of industry experts and front line staff. Please email with any suggested additions or edits to the TOPS.

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