Policy Letters

Policy Letters provide guidance to local workforce boards, local workforce areas, and American Job centers to implement rules and regulations on the following topics:

2019 Policy Letters: 

WIOA Policy Letters

Incumbent Worker Training Policy Letter

2018 Policy Letters: 

Youth Eligibility Policy Letter

Youth Stipend & Incentives Policy Letter

Low Income Policy Letter

2016-2017 Policy Letters - Last Updated September 8, 2017: 

On-the-Job Training Policy Letter

Work Experience Policy Letter

Individual Training Account Policy Letter

Training Provider Eligibility and Certification Policy Letter

Conflict of Interest Policy Letter

Priority of Service Policy Letter

Economic Self Sufficiency Level Policy Letter

Procurement Policy Letter

ITA Issuances and Allocation Control Policy Letter

Archived Policy Letters: 

On-the-Job (OJT) Policy

Veteran's Priority of Service

Incumbent Worker

Needs Related Payments

Minimum Requirements for Youth Follow-Up Services

Minimum Requirements for Adult Follow-Up Services

Procurement Policy

The Partnership Customized Complaint Policy

The Partnership Customized Training Policy

The Partnership Individual Training Account Policy

The Partnership On the Job Training Policy

The Partnership Supportive Services Policy

The Partnership WIA Title I Training Provider Eligibility & Certification

Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership policy letters as approved by the
Chicago Cook Workforce Investment Board on September 17, 2012:

The Partnership Policy Cost plus Fixed Fee 2012 09 17

The Partnership Policy Income Eligibility Adults 2012 09 17

The Partnership Policy Selective Service 2012 09 17

The Partnership Policy Youth Eligibility 2012 09 17