Workforce Innovation Board

The Partnership serves as staff to the Chicago Cook Workforce Innovation Board (WIB), the federally mandated body that oversees the investment of the region’s annual Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) allocation from the U.S. Department of Labor.

In accordance with federal guidelines, the board is comprised of public and private sector leaders in business, organized labor, economic development, education, community-based organizations. The WIB is committed to supporting the development of innovative programs and partnerships that fuel a thriving economic climate in the Chicagoland region. Board members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of Mayor Emanuel and President Preckwinkle for terms of one to three years.

2017 Workforce Innovation Board Members

  • Mr. George Wright, Co-Chair
  • Mr. Kareem A. Dale
  • Mr. Don Finn
  • Ms. Shelley Stern Grach
  • Ms. Kristin Gomez
  • Mr. Marc Gordon
  • Mr. Charles Smith
  • Ms. Monica Haslip
  • Mr. Laura Britton
  • Dr. Sylvia Jenkins
  • Mr. Eugene Jones
  • Mr. Juan Salgado
  • Dr. Kenneth L. Ender, Co-Chair
  • Mr. James McDonough
  • Ms. Pam McDonough
  • Mr. Richard Monocchio
  • Mr. Donovan Pepper
  • Mr. Jorge Ramirez
  • Mr. Tiffany Hamel-Johnson
  • Mr. Andre Rice
  • Mr. James Skogsbergh
  • Ms. Liisa Stark
  • Ms. Carrie Thomas
  • Ms. Jennifer Foster